• Product stability is subject to standard terms and conditions mentioned below.

  • Dorby laminates are tested as per applicable IS 2046:2005 standard in the presence of quality experts.

  • The force applied on the laminate for the scratches as shown in are as per the scratch resistance test of IS 2046:2005 standard.

  • The impact applied on the laminate as shown in is as per Impact resistance test of IS 2046:2005 standard.

  • The gloss retention is as per the respective test mentioned in ASTM D-6037 standard.

  • The anti-Bacterial claim is as per lab Test Reports available.

  • Dorby does not claim any special feature in the above-mentioned standard.

  • The colours and appearance of original products may vary due to various external factors.

  • Customer shall use only the prescribed sanitization process for santization. The prescribed process is as under:/li>

Addition conditions for different products range are as under:

Antifinger Print Laminates

Resin coating is a smart option without worrying about the surfaces. Sweat, oily or dirty fingers marks need to be cleaned with a sotf damp cloth and little dish soap. For stronger marks, wiping with Melamine foam should be ideal .

Matt Laminates

Matt laminates does not have self-cleaning properties. Sweat, oily or dirty finger marks can be cleaned with a soft damp cloth and little dish soap. In case of stronger marks, wipe with Melamine foam. Slight colour variation seen in coated products as compared to same colour laminates or edge bands. We advise customers to reconfirm from samples before placing order.


Unicore range should not be used with Plywood as a substrate. Use of MDF or Particleboard is recommended. Avoid pasting Unicore more than 2ft in width as the sheet expands more in width than in length.