While Dorby Mica laminates are truly beautiful to look at, they are equally hard-wearing. Each laminate sheet is made using European design papers of the finest quality. Our laminates are created and designed on the basis of extensive research work by our R&D team. Keeping in mind the longevity of the material used to create the sheets as well as current and upcoming trends in the interior design and architecture community, Dorby Mica laminates are as durable as practically possible. We make it a point to follow a rigorous testing procedure with each and every sheet so that These laminates come with a protective layer that makes them resistant to bacteria, heavy weight, weather change and more. This makes Dorby Mica everlasting beauties that always make living spaces come alive.


Choosing themes and laminate designs for your spaces seems like an easy job. But, a space is designed and built after meticulous planning and copious amounts of love. If you make a space your cozy corner, it needs to be well maintained and handled with care. Your space is a representation of you. Which means, you take care of every element of your space Including your laminate surfaces because surface matters.

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Laminates don’t just require utmost attention during installation but also during the process of transferring them from one location to another and while storing them. Decorative laminates may be thick, protective layers which we install on our furniture but are extremely delicate in nature. Designs of decorative laminates are highly prone to abrasion and harm if they aren’t handled appropriately.

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