Three innovative uses for decorative laminates in your home!

    Three innovative uses for decorative laminates in your home!

    We are familiar with the common phrase that says 'beauty goes beyond the surface' but it cannot be denied that it definitely begins at the surface. The first impression is often the last impression and in terms of home interior design it is surfaces that provide this first impression. Unfortunately, there had been a long spell of mundane surface design options for years before innovators like Dorby Mica came into the limelight with a huge array of options, opening up a world of possibilities for designers and design enthusiasts alike. In wake of this, here are three innovative ways you could use decorative laminates for your home.

    When it comes to interior design, perspective matters and not just in terms of aesthetics but also in terms of workability and application engineering as well. Right from the design expert to the newbie with a dream to the dedicated handyman every single person involved in the creation of a space needs a product that can satisfy all the needs when it comes to a flawless design. The range of highly workable, highly customisable and extensively versatile laminates as produced by industry giants like Dorby Mica, cater to all the requirements that may arise from these different perspectives. Keeping that in mind, exploring some unique uses of this new tool of design is definitely in order, so here goes.


    We often associate laminate sheets with furniture and rightfully so, as contemporary design has always been focusing on the surface finish of furniture as the prime place for mica sheet designs. This limited applicability concept can now be deemed obsolete; as owing to the variety of textures and finishes as well as the impeccable engineering of laminates today, laminates can be used to enrich the visual appeal of any surface when it comes to home interiors. Walls, ceilings, the works. Laminate designs and laminate colours can add a new dimension of colour, texture and depth to your spaces with just some out of the box thinking and exploring uncharted areas of best mica application by availing endless options that Dorby Mica laminate collection provides you with.

    Dreaming of that rustic wooden entrance foyer, now it is possible with a plethora of designer laminates. Need a colour pop for that bold design? Laminates are the way to go. Need a surface to be brilliantly glossy or magnificently matte for that perfect play of light? Laminates will do the trick. Needless to say, laminates, especially ones offered by innovators such as Dorby Mica, being meticulously designed and strategically developed to encompass all the needs of a surface finish overtake every other wall covering or ceiling covering option by leaps and bounds.


    Eclectic design thrives on variety. For fans of the eclectic aesthetic, it is a known fact that it is indeed a very difficult style to properly pull off. The use of a wide range of contrasting, conflicting and sometimes outright contradictory elements to create a unified narrative in terms of interior design can often go from pleasingly diverse to jarringly chaotic without even knowing. Many times this is a result of a simple imbalance between the level of creative freedom for different elements of the interior space. Where charms and trinkets offer a wide range of elements to the personality of a space, furniture in its modular glory often fails to do the same. This is where the new generation of laminates from Dorby Mica come in. With as many textures, solid colours and finishes as their elemental counterparts in design, laminates can now take the "artistic liberty" to furniture, walls and ceilings alike.

    Highly stylised and specially curated laminate combinations now give you the freedom to go wild with the moodboards of your dreams and that is one laminate application that you do not want to miss out on!


    In more cases than not, the colour palette is the key to the shackled hand of an artist. It is the sheer amount of shades, hues and tints that give the artist the freedom to create and express but expression takes a new meaning when it comes to commercial design. More often than not, many brands struggle with their branded commercial spaces when it comes to finding the right laminate colours corresponding to their brand colours for interiors. Usually, much to the dismay of both the designer and the marketing team of the brand in question; having the definitive brand colours of the company is only limited to logos and signage. With groundbreaking catalogues such as Vibron by Dorby Mica, the unique identity of any brand in terms of colour can transcend beyond signage. Apart from this, the introduction of a wide range of designs now means the possibility of introducing and reintroducing a certain brand not just with class but with a unique personality. All this and more with just the humble laminate! This is why it would be safe to say, "Innovation is often just recomposition done right" and these unique uses of laminates definitely drive the point home.

    These were just three unique and innovative ways that one could use the new generation of laminates today but the list doesn't end at three. Speaking in terms of Dorby Mica and its range of products, as the tools to express oneself provided in the form of laminates are near endless, so are their applications. So it's time that designers and design enthusiasts tweak their styles and express themselves like never before.

    For more information regarding amazing ways to spice up your interiors with Dorby Mica's latest collections, check out our other blogs.

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