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    Abacus - GLD 32
    Abacus - GLD 32 Sale price₹ 2,325.00
    Anthracite - GLD 49
    Anthracite - GLD 49 Sale price₹ 2,325.00
    Alexandra - PXD 22
    Alexandra - PXD 22 Sale price₹ 2,325.00
    Canva - LTD 39
    Canva - LTD 39 Sale price₹ 2,325.00
    Pietra Beige - NLD 55
    Pietra Beige - NLD 55 Sale price₹ 2,325.00
    Clayline - NLD 54
    Clayline - NLD 54 Sale price₹ 2,325.00
    Clayto - GLD 52
    Clayto - GLD 52 Sale price₹ 2,325.00
    Multi Quartz - NLD 51
    Multi Quartz - NLD 51 Sale price₹ 2,325.00
    Earthy Blu - NLD 50
    Earthy Blu - NLD 50 Sale price₹ 2,325.00
    Lava Ash - GLD 48
    Lava Ash - GLD 48 Sale price₹ 2,325.00
    Marcurio - HGD 46
    Marcurio - HGD 46 Sale price₹ 2,325.00
    Covet - NLD 45
    Covet - NLD 45 Sale price₹ 2,325.00

    Decor Family : ElevateYour Space with Style

    Explore the diverse offerings from Dorby’s Decor Family, each category designed to enhance your living or work environment:

    Wood : Embrace the warmth and elegance of natural wood textures in our Wood series, bringing nature indoors without compromising on durability.

    Textile : Experience the touch and feel of fabric-like surface with the durability of laminates in our Textile series, offering a unique twist on fabric designs.

    Flora : Add a touch of nature's beauty to your surroundings with our Flora series, featuring laminates adorned with stunning floral patterns.

    Abstract: Unlock your creativity with our Abstract series, offering a collection of organic and geometric patterns to enhance your personal and
    professional spaces.

    Horizontal Wood : Emphasize the beauty of horizontal wood grains with our Horizontal Wood series, perfect for achieving a sleek and contemporary look.

    Stone & Marble : Enjoy the luxurious appearance of natural stone and marble with the practicality and convenience of laminates in our Stone & Marble series.

    Unicore: Explore the simplicity and elegance of our Unicore series, offering solid color laminates for a minimalist touch.

    Markfree : Discover the sophistication of our Markfree series, where laminates showcase a pristine, mark-free surface for a flawless finish.

    Markfree : Discover the sophistication of our Markfree series, where laminates showcase a pristine, mark-free surface for a flawless finish.

    Classic Wood : Capture the timeless beauty of classic wood textures with our Classic Wood series, creating a sense of warmth and tradition.

    Solids : Elevate your space with a wide range of solid colors in our Solids series, offering versatility and simplicity in design.

    Finish : Enrich Your Style

    Choose from a variety of finishes to complement your laminate selection for an unique style:

    Stone : Emulate the elegance of natural stone with our Stone finish, perfect for adding a touch of luxury to your interiors.

    Leather : Experience the look and feel of leather without the use of actual material with our Leather finish, combining style and durability.

    Floral : Add a touch of nature's beauty to your spaces with our Floral finish, featuring laminates adorned with stunning floral patterns.

    Fabric : Enjoy the tactile sensation of fabric-like surface with our Fabric finish, offering greater tensile strength and durability compared to plain

    Suede : Explore the rich texture and luxurious feel of suede with our Suede finish, bringing a sense of opulence to your surfaces.

    Geometrical : Embrace the clean lines and patterns of our Geometrical finish, perfect for achieving a modern and sophisticated look.

    Wooden : Capture the warmth and natural beauty of wood with our Wooden finish, designed to bring the outdoors in.

    Matte : Achieve a sophisticated and understated look with our Matte finish, offering a less reflective surface for a timeless appeal.

    Gloss : Gloss is all about shiny and smooth surfaced laminates with a capability to reflect light, easy to clean and make any space look visually

    Fluted : Add depth and character to your interiors with our Fluted finish, featuring multi-colored, decorative laminate sheets.

    Super Matte : Experience the ultimate in matte sophistication with our Super Matte finish, offering a luxurious surface.

    Thickness and Size: Tailored to Your Needs

    Make your laminate selection with the following thickness sizes options:


    - 0.7mm

    - 0.8mm

    - 1mm


    - 1220mm x 2440mm

    Discover the endless possibilities and complete your design with Dorby Mica's Decor Family, where style, durability, and versatility converge.

    Laminate Application Areas:

    Let's explore how laminates can elevate the style and functionality of important areas.

    Kitchens : Dorby laminates offer the ideal balance of flair and utility in the kitchen. They can be used on backsplashes and cabinet doors. Laminates may imitate the appearance of natural materials like wood or stone while providing excellent resistance to moisture, stains, and heat thanks to the wide variety
    of colors, textures, and patterns available. Laminates are, therefore, a tough and low-maintenance option for kitchen.