When it comes to saving the environment, we look at someone else to be the hero. But one must understand that we are going to borrow the earth from our children and not ancestors. It’s time we, as a society, stopped abusing nature. Needless to mention, what was abundant once is scarce today. Which is why we, as an organization, believe in offering more than accepting. We focus on initiatives towards conserving natural resources. Be it water, trees or even land, we’re mindful about the way we approach these prized possessions.

Use of Solar panels in the factory
Recycling of paper waste
Plantation on barren land around factory.
‘Gift a Plant‘ initiative for clients
Carbon credits
Laminate trims and sawdust sent to hazard labs


Every decision we make. Every step we take. Environment is always at the center of it. To begin with, we have installed solar panels in most of our facilities. Our waste is managed meticulously. We invest in clean technologies to reduce consumption. Right from manufacturing, designing to even packaging. We keep environmental sustainability at the back of our minds. Because to preserve is to prosper.



We focus on clean renewable energy. Which is why majority departments at our facilities benefit from goldmines such as bio-gas, solar panels and biomass. Result: Optimum Energy Conservation. Notonly it helps us in carbon reduction, but also increases our practice to go for clean renewable energy. Our goal is to help make recycling and reducing waste easier and more efficient for the future


Reduce. Recycle. Reuse. This is our mantra of water consumption to avoid any wastage. Drainage systems are particularly maintained in and around factory which helps conserve water in large quantities. Adapting newer ways of retreating chemically thrown water has remarkably made a difference in saving water. This water is then resused in the factory surroundings and also for watering plants.