Finest laminates and edge bands

    Dorby catalogues are full of design ideas, inspiration, realistic textures, creative laminate patterns and more to help architects, interior designer and homeowners create the spaces they envision. Browse through our catalogues for the most innovative surface designs.

    Dorby Laminate Catalogue : Discover the Artistry of Surface Design

    "Dorby is not just a premium brand; we are your gateway to a world of endless design possibilities."

    Our extensive collection of laminates offers a diverse spectrum of designs that can truly transform any space. From abstract patterns to high-gloss finishes, we blend timeless classics with contemporary aesthetics like it is a cake walk.

     But we're more than just about aesthetics. We empower designers to create spaces that tell stories, evoke emotions, and redefine functionality. Our commitment to quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction has made us the trusted choice among interior designers, project heads, homeowners, and furniture (OEM) companies alike.

     Whether you need inspiration, technical information, or simply wish to take a visual tour of our laminate collection,
    you'll find it all here. Welcome to the world of Dorby laminates, where design possibilities are limitless.

    Surface Matters 03 : Redefining Surface Design

    Introducing "Surface Matters 03" by Dorby, a laminate catalogue that redefines surface design. Immerse yourself in a world of unique designs, where features like high flexibility meets scratch resistance and all-weather durability. These designer laminates come equipped with antibacterial properties, ensuring a hygienic space that's also
    stain-resistant and incredibly robust.

     Within this catalogue, you'll find an array of options, including textured laminates that add depth and character to your interiors, lustre finish laminates for a touch of luxury, and laminates with zero reflection for a sleek, minimalist aesthetic.

     Surface Matters laminates are not just beautiful; they're exceptional. With unique designs that evoke nature's finest, they transform any space into a work of art. These decorative laminates are not just about aesthetics; they're engineered for functionality too.

     Unlock endless design possibilities beyond imagination with "Surface Matters 03."

    Canvas Collection : The Artistic Style

    Presenting the "Canvas Collection" from Dorby, an exceptional addition to our product line. In a design landscape often dominated by the mundane and repetitive, this collection dares to be different.

     With our Canvas Collection, you'll encounter premium laminates adorned with captivating geometric and abstract patterns. These patterns aren't just visual embellishments; they are a call to design with unwavering confidence.

     This catalogue is a treasure of possibilities, each laminate an opportunity to express your unique style through forms, shapes, and mesmerizing patterns. The wide array of vibrant and visually stimulating patterns promises to infuse your spaces with a lively and dynamic ambiance, turning ordinary into extraordinary.

     Embark on a transformational design adventure with Dorby’s "Canvas Collection."

    Vibron Collection : Colors that Elevate Your Mood

    Take a look at "Vibron" by Dorby, a captivating addition to our laminate catalogue. Inspired by the rich and
    nuanced color palettes found almost everywhere, this collection offers a vast spectrum of colors to elevate your interior design.

     Imagine a world where every mood can be expressed through color, and Vibron provides the perfect shade for each emotion. Whether you seek the tranquility of a serene blue, the vibrancy of a lush green, or the warmth of a soothing earthy tone, Vibron's vibrant color range has you covered.

    Explore the catalogue now to discover how VIBRON can transform your spaces.

    The Arc Collection : Durability Meets Elegance

    Dorby presents the Arc Collection. A versatile solution that blends the delicate with the robust. This collection, taking inspiration from fabrics, includes inner surface laminates, which is available in thicknesses of 0.7mm & 0.8mm.

    What sets these laminates apart is their durability, which ensures your furniture enjoys a longer lifespan. They are
    also incredibly easy to maintain, resistant to stains, and a breeze to clean.The cohesive design that comes through the fabric finish adds an extra layer of warmth to any space.

    Whether you're designing a dream space or just considering an upgrade for your home or office, this collection offers the comprehensive solution.

    The Vesta Collection : Nature Through Design

    Featured, "Vesta" by Dorby, a laminate catalogue inspired by the various textures found in nature. Truly a notch above, this laminate catalogue comes jam-packed with textures that bring the outdoors to the indoors.

    Within this laminate catalogue, you'll find an exquisite range of designs. From wood-inspired textures that echo the tranquility of a forest to the elegance of marble finishes, and even solid color laminates for a minimalist touch, "Vesta" covers the entire spectrum of texture possibilities.

     "Vesta" isn't just a catalogue; it's an opportunity for the exploration of nature through Design.

    The Dorby Edge Catalogue : Where Protection Meets Aesthetics

     Behold Dorby's "Dorby Edge Collection" – where protection meets aesthetics, transforming edges into design highlights.

     Edge bands are more than accents; they're precision-crafted elements that provide both protection and aesthetics. Achieving a 100% match between laminates and edge bands ensures a seamless finish, replacing traditional methods like painting; while accenting edges with complementing bands creates visual drama and striking visual aesthetics.

     But why are edge bands essential? Edge bands enhance durability and elegance, upgrading both the look and strength of tables, countertops, cabinets, desks, wardrobes, and shelves.

     Explore Dorby's edge banding collection, where craftsmanship meets elegance.