Dorby at INDIAWOOD: A Centre Stage For Trendsetting Surface Decor.

    Dorby at INDIAWOOD: A Centre Stage For Trendsetting Surface Decor.

    Brand in Motion, Design in Evolution

    Get ready to experience a design revolution! Dorby, India’s leading surface décor brand is gearing up for show-stopping product launches at the 2024 INDIAWOOD exhibition starting today. More than just a stall, Dorby's presence promises to be a kinetic journey of innovation and immersive experiences, redefining how you perceive surface decor. 

    Stepping into Brand in Motion: A Dynamic Design Showcase

    Brace yourself for the unexpected! Team Dorby at INDIAWOOD throws away the conventional.  Our unique "Brand in Motion" design space transcends static displays, featuring design elements that come alive. Witness textures dance, colours pulsate, and patterns shift, creating a dynamic narrative that embodies our commitment to cutting-edge design and pushing boundaries.

    New VIBRON & CANVAS Collection

    While much remains under wraps, whispers of innovation are already swirling around our

    highly anticipated unveilings. Prepare to be surprised by the next evolution of VIBRON, our

    power house of solid colours, and CANVAS Collection, the realm of artistic expression. Be amongst the first to witness how these new editions redefine the possibilities of surface design.
    The introduction of new textures and patterns is sure to amaze the design world. With a legacy of doing so, we are even more confident of leaving a lasting impression at the 2024 INDIAWOOD.

    Beyond the Unveiling: An Immersive Design Adventure

    Dorby's INDIAWOOD presence is more than just a visual spectacle. Step into their interactive haven and embark on a visually treating journey. Meet the core team and experts to explore a diverse range of our latest offerings, and allow your imagination to run wild. Discover how VIBRON & CANVAS Collection along with our other folders can transform your space, injecting personality, elegance, and  spark endless design possibilities. 

    Don't Miss Out! Be Part of the Innovative Journey

    Join Dorby at INDIAWOOD and witness the unveiling of groundbreaking innovations and captivating

    design trends firsthand. It's an opportunity to connect with industry leaders, experience the future of

    surface decor, and discover the perfect solutions to bring your design dreams to life. 

    Details to note:
    Date: 22nd, 23rd, 24th, 25th & 26th February 2024.
    Venue: Hall No. 5 Stall No. Q126. (BIEC) Bengaluru
    Time: 10:00 am to 6:00 pm

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