The Crown Jewel of Surface Matters 03 by Dorby Mica

    The Crown Jewel of Surface Matters 03 by Dorby Mica

    Dorby Mica's Laminate Collection is synonymous with beauty, elegance and standard. We take pride in delivering quality and credibility. We believe in creating designs that exhibit experience and offer a more profound sense of connection.

    We have endeavoured to implement all the possibilities of art and designs into exclusive luxurious laminate sheets that stand the test of time, trend, authenticity and innovation. We understand the need to create designs that are open to personalisation. Designs that are a metaphor for every identification. With an extensive palette of colours and textures, we craft the best range of laminate categories and collections.


    The extravagant Surface Matters 03 is a reflection of pride and luxury. It echoes the subtlety behind your chic demeanour. The designs that it illustrates meet standards of global excellence. They are renowned for the authenticity and aestheticism that it adds to your homes. These laminate designs are a portrayal of elegance and exquisiteness.

    One of the top categories of the Surface Matters 03 Collection is Ravish & Lavish. A pinnacle of luxury and remarkability. A house that offers you shades and designs explored and preferred by India's best architects and interior designers. It has designer laminates that are precisely patterned, displaying sophistication, dictating style and captivating to eyes. These laminate designs depict unfathomable beauty and our best implementation of creativity. They resemble the trend and are a ravishing representation of contemporary art adored by every architect and interior designer. Incorporate our laminate sheets into your spaces and enhance the aestheticism of your spaces.

    The Cinder Earthy CY2007 is your choice of laminate design for vibrance and vigour. It perfectly adds to your rooms and spaces' welcoming feeling and exuberance. If you want to add to the emotion of silence, solemness and subtleness, then Weathered Walnut VR2004 & Silver Grain Oak IC2005 are a few of the many best-fit options. Stromboli & Aquaball CY2003 are your go-to options to incorporate style and uniqueness into your personal and professional spaces.


    Explore the vast array of the remarkable and lively Ravish and Lavish category of laminate designs. Pick your perfect piece of laminate and build your home with comfort, connection and craft from Dorby Mica's Surface Matters 03 Collection. We are the masters of designs without compromising on functionalities. Our laminates are durable, scratch resistant, anti-bacterial, anti-fingerprint and much more. Check out our outstanding functionalities here!

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