The versatility of the Canvas collection by Dorby Mica, in a nutshell

    The versatility of the Canvas collection by Dorby Mica, in a nutshell

    Back in 1891; in Ibach Switzerland , Karl Elsener created a tool that the world would come to know as the Swiss Army knife. An invention so versatile that when it comes to its section of application, there’s literally nothing the tool cannot do. There are very few products that would remind one of the Swiss Army knife and among those few is the extremely versatile Canvas collection of laminates curated by Dorby Mica. Going further into drawing parallels; much as a Swiss Army knife isn’t just a compilation of tools, the canvas collection is not just a compilation of designs but much more than the sum of its parts.

    The canvas collection consists of 1 mm laminates with exceptional customisation options and a wide spectrum of applications. These can be used for home furniture items, wall linings, doors, shelves, table top, work-top, counters,displays, check-out desks,office partitions, storage units and almost every other area that one can think of. But this is not even close to where the versatility ends. The canvas collection offers an extensive amount of options for aesthetic use cases as well. These aesthetic options are worth a detailed look as attention to detail is what Dorby Mica is all about. So, let’s check out the broader classification of this world of possibility that the canvas collection brings to the table.


    The canvas collection features scintillating options such as the quaintly nautical Oceanic, the robust and earthy Rivera, the mesmerising Roots and the historically captivating Covet, the Terrazzo, the Alexandra, the Troika, the Symphonia and many more; all defined but not confined to divine patterned geometry. These options not only provide depth and intensity to an otherwise monotonous space but also dominate their presence in the largest or the smallest of their almost countless applications.


    A modern ‘zany’ mindset needs to be catered with modern, zany design. This is where the canvas collection truly outshines its competitors while also outdoing itself. The popping frenzy of the Vivanta, the hypnotising class of the Majestic, the scrumptious sparkle of the Dazzle definitely delivers the A+ in abstract design. The canvas collection truly understands the psyche of the modern designer that prefers to leave room for imagination. It is a contemplative cacophony of colour and the grandeur of geometric gestalt, when it comes to abstract thought, expression and the overall abstract mindset, Canvas covers it all.


    One of the many advantages of the Canvas collection is complete design freedom through a highly curated and an exceptional quality product. Which is why it is only the canvas collection that can truly transform your wooden furniture into marble with the charismatically classy Anthracite, Stone Cluster, Multi Quartz and many more. Want to turn a boring surface around with some classic houndstooth patterns? Canvas collection has your back with the Mantra, the Minerva, the Motify, the Ritz and more. The Canvas collection has everything a designer needs and furthermore, everything that the designer did not know they needed!


    All this talk of design and application versatility leads to one afterthought. Is the Canvas collection as versatile in its technology as it is in its designs and applications? The answer to this is very straightforward. All the products in the collection are All weather resistant, Heat resistant, Abrasion resistant, Stain resistant, Light resistant, Scratch resistant, highly flexible and of course easy to clean.

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