Laminate Catalogues 2023

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Surface Matters (Coming Soon)

Dorby Slick Arc Collection Laminate

Dorby Arc (Coming Soon)

Experience the wonder of Dorby Mica's laminate collection, where vastness and uniqueness meet captivating design! Dorby Mica sheets are divided into five distinctive laminate catalogues, each with its own textures, designs, and robustness. Discover the perfect laminate for your project and elevate your space with the finest quality laminate sheets from India's desired designer laminates brand. You can check out our incredible designs and download the laminate catalogue pdf that catches your fancy.

Surface Matters Laminate Catalogue

There is nothing ordinary about the Surface Matters laminates catalogue. This premium collection features a wide range of laminate categories that are nature-inspired, having stone finish, exclusive wooden displays in addition to a plethora of eye-catching laminate designs.These designer laminates having thickness of 1mm in the size 4’ x 8’ have stood the test of time and trends.They have exceptional properties such as anti-fingerprint, colour fastening, scratch-resistant, abrasion-resistant, and highly flexible laminates. Furthermore, as you scroll through this particular Dorby Mica laminates catalogue you’ll find that their categories comprises solid suedes, realistic textures, zero matte finishes, and many more globally adored laminate designs.

Vibron Laminate Catalogue

The exclusive laminates catalogue Vibron offers stunning and enticing laminates to choose from. Vibron laminate catalogues are the best metaphor to portray your personality onto your spaces. With their solid colours and vibrant shades,hexagonal geometry, and glass finish these laminates add a unique touch to any living or workspace. Our perfect pastel shades of laminates having thickness of 1mm in the size 4’ x 8’ are both chic and exclusive, making a bold statement wherever they are applied. This Dorby Mica laminate catalogue is the first ever mica laminates catalogue in India to offer solid colours in different textures like Leather, Neolith, Zero Matte & Chiclet finishes along with the highest number of shades. Elevate your spaces to a whole new level with designs from our Vibron Laminates Catalogue. Download our laminate catalogue pdf and choose your best shade.

Canvas Laminate Catalogue

Canvas by Dorby Mica is a digital laminates catalogue whose designs draw inspiration from our natural surroundings.It is the epitome of beauty and innovation. These designer laminates are Dorby Mica’s attempt to offer you style and stature for your spaces. The crafty as well as graphical designs of this catalogue having thickness of 1mm in the size 4’ x 8’ are contemporary and play a major part in revolutionising laminate design as a whole. This laminate catalogue’s modern elements have enhanced the industry, adding an undeniable wow factor to any space they are used in.

Vesta Laminate Catalogue

Dorby's Vesta laminate sheets are truly worthy considering its innovation and affordability. These sheets having 0.8mm and size 4’ x 8’ feature exceptional durability and include a range of nature inspired designs that draw inspiration from the natural world. With a diverse selection of textures and finishes, including earthy, stone, abstract, fabric, and leather, this laminate catalogue is sure to meet all your needs while staying within your budg

Arc Laminate Catalogue

Dorby Mica's Arc Collection laminates catalogue features inner surface laminates that range from 0.7 to 0.9mm in thickness and 4’ x 8’ in size. These laminates are durable and highly functional and can perfectly adorn the interiors of all sorts of furniture. This not only enhances the interior look of your furniture but also makes it last longer. The Arc Collection is a viable option for carcass furniture and inner laminates due to its unforeseeable reliability.