Storage & Handling

Laminates don’t just require utmost attention during installation but also during the process of transferring them from one location to another and while storing them. Decorative laminates may be thick, protective layers which we install on our furniture but are extremely delicate in nature. Designs of decorative laminates are highly prone to abrasion and harm if they aren’t handled appropriately.


At the time of loading decorative laminate sheets, extreme care has to be taken so that accidental breakage, dents and cracks can be avoided. Ensure that you do not slide the laminate surfaces on top of each other. Instead, lift them while moving them. While carrying the High-Pressure Laminates, make sure that the decorative laminate sheet is facing towards your body to lower the possibilities of damage. Don’t forget to roll or bow the laminate sheets vertically. This makes it easier to carry them around.


Store the laminates in the protective films until they get installed. Try to store the laminate sheets in a flat, horizontal form over a surface. If the location of temporary storage does not have the possibility of horizontal storage, store the laminate sheets vertically at a slightly inclined position. Investing in cover boards will help to cover and protect the laminates when they are to be stored for a shorter time period. High-Pressure Laminates are to be stored at a temperature between 10° to 30° Celsius. The humidity levels of storage should not be higher than 60% or lower than 40%.

Machining & Cutting

Cutting laminate sheets for furniture requires a perfect combination between the speed of the cutting tool, the thickness of the laminate sheet and the kind of cutting tool one uses. To get a perfect cut, following elements are required:

- Rigid sacrificial panels
- Diamond cutting tools
- Tungsten carbide
- Prefer using a diamond tipped tool for Unicore laminates for better precision.


To make sure that your laminates stay in good conditions even in different environments and locations, it is important to use core materials which are of high quality to make the best laminates. This means that pre-condition is a form of precaution. Laminate sheets which are going to be a part of the same composite board should be treated like twins and should have similarly sanded backs. Twin laminate sheets should be stored for at least 4 days, so they end up having stronger core bonds. Wood based core materials for wood laminate sheets should entail a 9% moisture rate, make sure that the laminate also has the same moisture content. Innovative laminate sheets and their core materials should not be too wet or too dry. These pointers are necessary steps to keep in mind during the process of storing and installing laminate sheets. Because, your surface matters.