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    Dorby Mica-Laminates Collection

    Dorby Mica - India’s most desired designer laminates offers a wide range of surface designs laminate sheets that can beautify every inch of your space. Each laminate in our collections is designed to help you create spaces that resonate with your personality.

    We assure that our laminate catalogues will meet up with all your needs and expectations.The mica sheet designs in these texture and design specific laminate catalogues are unique and elegant. From fancy countertop laminates to highlighter laminates, attractive designer mica for wardrobes, as well as inner laminates for the insides of cabinets & drawers – all our laminate sheet designs are crafted to bring out the best of your spaces.

    We offer desired designer laminate collections with exclusive USP’s such as anti-fingerprint, fire retardant, heat resistant, stain resistance, high gloss, high matt, scratch-resistant, all weather resistant laminates & many more that comes in a jaw-dropping array of unique patterns, designs and textures.

    If you are looking for out of the box laminates for renovation, enliven your spaces with the most imaginative, artistic, modern, and innovative laminate designs from our range of collections.

    Designer Laminates by Dorby Mica

    The Dorby Mica laminate collection is not only extensive and exclusive, but it is also engaging. We have categorised our plethora of mica sheet designs into five major laminate catalogues. Our laminate catalogues are distinct with respect to the textures, designs, applicability and durability of these mica sheets.