Care and Maintenance of Decorative Laminates

    Care and Maintenance of Decorative Laminates

    Your space is a representation of you, which means, you take care of every element of your space including your creative laminate surfaces because every surface matters.

    Choosing themes and innovative laminate sheet designs for your spaces seems like an easy job. But, a space is designed and built after meticulous planning and at the same time ample amounts of love. If you make a space your cosy corner, it needs to be well maintained and handled with care.

    Following are a few tips that will help you maintain your decorative laminates and their beautiful designs.


    Dust seems futile and casually harmless, right? Not right. Laminate sheets for furniture and other layered surfaces should be regularly dusted with a cloth. You can also choose a microfiber cloth for better output. Corners of decorative laminates which are difficult to reach can be cleaned using nylon dusters with smaller bristles.

    Nothing feels 100% clean and safe unless cleaned with at least a little water or liquid surface cleaners. Laminated furniture can be wiped once a week using a damp cloth.


    Between kids, pets and kitchen spills, cleaning, again and again, can be a task, right? Then try to cover it up! Use coasters or similar items that can prevent direct contact of liquids with your laminates.

    Additionally, you can install high gloss with anti-fingerprint laminate sheets, especially as wall panelings and cabinet surfaces, as they are easy to clean. But keep in mind to never place pots and pans removed from the stove or oven directly onto kitchen laminate sheets. Fire-resistant properties are a good way to prevent damage to your kitchen surfaces.


    Got a nice bottle of high bleach cleanser? Unfortunately, that won’t do your surfaces any good. Many commercial products contain substances that may damage or discolour the laminate sheets. It is advisable to use a damp cloth while cleaning. The following should never come in direct contact with your surfaces; if they do, wipe off immediately and rinse the surface thoroughly:

    • Coffee pot cleaners
    • Drain cleaners
    • Hydrogen peroxide
    • Oven cleaners
    • Rust removers
    • Toilet bowl cleaners
    • Any other product containing high portions of corrosive or harsh chemicals


    Scrubbers made of bad plastic or metal can lead to scratches on your laminate surfaces. Scratches destroy your designs.


    Polishing your decorative laminates can lead to residue and major permanent damage to the designs. It can also lead to permanently trapping the grease on your decorative laminate surface. Remember, laminates are not made of real wood.

    You can always get your hands on Dorby Mica’s High Gloss laminate sheets for a polished finish.


    Although decorative laminates are heat resistant to an extent, prolonged exposure to temperatures over 40°C (104°F) may cause blistering or other damage to your wooden laminate sheets. Pads and/or trivets absorb the heat, therefore saving your laminates from getting damaged.


    Coffee and tea spills are common at home or in workspaces. In moments of urgent deadlines or tea time with friends, these spills are inevitable. Prefer using coasters for the same.

    In case of spills on kitchen laminate sheets, clean the surface with a damp cloth.

    Heat-producing kitchen appliances like coffee makers and toaster ovens should not be placed on laminated cabinets. Excess heat and moisture from these appliances can damage laminate sheets on cabinets.

    If you wish to opt for fire-resistant properties, flip through Dorby Mica’s laminate collection.

    In case of major damages, there is no option but to replace that mica sheet with a new one. After all, they can only take so much of our everyday life spills, damages and stains!

    Hope these tips help you save your decorative laminate sheets from harm’s way.

    Try to follow these techniques and your designer laminates will live for longer! If you require any information or have questions, contact us 

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