Style Your Study Area with Decorative Laminates

    Style Your Study Area with Decorative Laminates

    With the world having moved indoors for a few years due to the pandemic, the importance, as well as the need, for a dedicated study area has increased more than ever. A study area doesn’t just serve as a study space for a kid. Its purposes have extended beyond studying. As work-from-home culture and hybrid work culture are here to stay, study spaces also function as office spaces, personal nooks and much more.

    A study area is considered sacred by many. It is where you spend most of your time being productive. A good deal of productivity demands ease and comfort. You tend to soak in the energy of the space you are in. Hence it is crucial that your study spaces serve as a safe place for you, a space that is always inviting and in harmony with your inner self. This is exactly why you should carefully curate the decor of your study rooms and areas.

    Quite some thought goes into styling a study space. Although the idea of an ideal study area would differ from person to person, the key components are usually the same - the feel, the decor and the functionality.



    On average, study spaces are usually repurposed corners of a living room or a bedroom. In such a case it is very important to pay heed to certain things while picking your nook. Make sure the area you pick as your study nook is adequately lit at all times of the day. It needs to be free of distractions. It is recommended to have your study area free of clutter and away from doors and windows that drive in the disturbance.

    Essential Furniture

    Cupboards, shelves and side tables can be installed to reduce the clutter and chaos. A sturdy table goes a long way. Ergonomic chairs are advisable for a study area. These provide comfort and at the same time help with your posture.

    Design and Style

    Decorating the furniture accurately is as important as crafting it. Laminates are the critical element of decoration for any kind of space or furniture. Make your study space stand out by designing it in the most inspiring way possible. Pick colours, designs and laminates that will upgrade the ambience of the room. If the decor is enhanced as per your taste then you’ll feel more at ease and hence be able to focus better and be more productive

    Decorative laminates could prove quite useful while beautifying your furniture. Laminate sheets are available in multitudes of colours and designs. You can pick laminates based on your decor preferences. Solid colours and soft tones are for those who want a minimalistic feel. On the contrary, those who feel inspired when surrounded by bold designs, those who live and breathe art can opt for textured laminates. Coloured and designer laminates will add personality to your study space and inspire you to soldier on when you are burning those midnight lamps.

    Dorby Mica has a vast range of laminate designs in its numerous collections. Choose from muted tones to textured laminates to suit your personal style. The immense variety aside, Dorby Mica’s laminates are strong, flexible and highly durable. Check out our laminate collections and curate your finest study area now!

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