Surface Matters 03 by Dorby Mica - A Cut Above the Rest

    Surface Matters 03 by Dorby Mica - A Cut Above the Rest

    Maya Angelou, the renowned poet of the 21st century quoted, "You can't use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have." Dorby Mica solemnly abides by these principles and is an endless ocean of creativity. Our creativity knows no bounds. We thrive in delivering innovation, stature and elegance.

    We take pride in announcing that the extensive creative laminate designs of Dorby Mica's Surface Matters 03 were incredibly appreciated and immensely applied throughout the nation. Taking that into consideration, we have more creativity, more designs, more textures, more colours and more voices curated for the country. We have successfully launched our Surface Matters Volume 3.


    Dorby Mica's Surface Matters 03 promises exclusivity and modernity. This collection is a home to new age laminate designs perfect for the high standards set today. Inspired by culture,nature, and diversity from across the globe, Dorby Mica's laminate textures and designs are chic, classy, pleasant to the eye and ravishing in its display.The laminates from this collection are made with the best technology keeping the current trends in mind.

    Our premium Surface Matters 03, a compilation of 14 architectural categories of designs is a cut above the rest for its outstanding functionality and applicability. They are synonymous to style and fashion. Dorby Mica gives you the wings to widen your imagination and transform it into reality with their exquisite implementation.


    Textured laminate sheets are capable of adding a dramatic element to any given space.They add substance to the laminate designs and enhance its appeal. Dorby Mica's collection comprises a wholesome presence of a wide range of laminate textures. Rustic and hand scraped textured laminate sheets from our Crust and Rust Category are just a few of many textures that add personality to kitchens, bedrooms, living rooms and corporate spaces.


    Our Surface Matters 03 dictates Innovation, Imagination and its Implementation. We take pride in launching a dynamic collection with desirable laminate designs that are most sought-out by professional designers and decorators. They are captivating and exceptional,giving a sense of life to your space.Our designs promise an impression and an image worth your stature.


    Style or functionality? That’s usually the question when choosing decor items. Why does it have to be one or the other? Why can’t it be both? Dorby Mica’s laminates solve this age-old dilemma. With laminate sheets that are easy to clean, maintenance and upkeep of your decor would be easier than expected. These sheets are highly flexible and made to last. Carefully crafted by binding together multiple layers, these laminate sheets can successfully bear heavy loads. The laminates being colour fastened ensures that the designs and colours look as good as new for a longer time.Steve Jobs rightly said,"Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works". We assure you that our designs work in every space.


    Decorative laminates are quite valuable and it might make some people sceptical about installing them in spaces like kitchens where they can be in imminent danger. It makes you wish you had laminates that are highly durable. To fulfil your wishes, we launched Surface Matters 03  wherein laminates are scratch and abrasion resistant making them perfect for spaces. Moreover, these laminates can stand the test of heat,load,stains, all kinds of weather and much more. So go ahead and invest in the best and most decorative laminates - Dorby Mica’s Surface Matters 03 collection. It’s worth it.

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