Dive Deeper Into the Surface Matters 03 by Dorby Mica

    Dive Deeper Into the Surface Matters 03 by Dorby Mica

    Our lifestyles are a reflection of our personalities. A harmonious existence of the two is extremely crucial. The way we live, and what we surround ourselves with, are two of the many factors that dictate our lifestyles. Designing a lifestyle that is in accordance with your inner self promotes content and bliss. Homes are the perfect place, to begin with, Dorby Mica's Surface Matters 03. We allow you to take charge of your interiors and align them with your vision.

    Laminate designs make a significant impact on your living spaces. We at Dorby Mica understand the value of personalised homes and hence we offer the best laminate collections with an abundance of designs. Surface Matters 03 is our latest collection of versatile laminates. These are highly functional, have great resistance to multiple elements, have a variety of designs and patterns and can suit a range of lifestyles. Here are the categories of laminates from the Surface Matters collection.


    Mark Free is for individuals who desire their surfaces to look perfect but don't want any fingerprints to be left behind. It's for people who are obsessed with keeping their surfaces free of stains because their surfaces are important to them. The Mark Free laminates are carefully crafted and coated with a special kind of resin that keeps the surfaces mark and stain free.


    Twinkle was inspired by and designed for exuberant people, for those optimists who exude positive energy and have a passion for life. The Twinkle laminates reflect this passion and positivity through the designs. Dorby Mica's Twinkle category has five laminates in beautiful colours that will add vibrance and elegance to your spaces.


    The Unicore category is designed for those who find contentment in symmetry and structure. Designed for the perfectionists, you’ll find perfect order in this group of exceptional laminates. The section comprises solid colours that will perfectly complement your surfaces and lifestyle.


    The Sassy and Synchro category consists of synchronised laminates. Crafted using modern technology, these laminate designs resemble natural wood. These laminates are perfect for outdoorsy people, and for those who find comfort in nature. All four designs in this category look very much like real wood and would lend a very natural and fresh look to your interiors.


    Natural and Neutral comprises laminate designs that reflect peace and calm. These minimal designs are perfect for those looking for a reprieve from their fast-paced daily lives. The neutral tones and nature-inspired designs from this subsection will lend a relaxing feel to your spaces.


    The Gloss and Glitz category of laminates from the Surface Matters 03 collection is for those outgoing and bold people who don’t shy away from the spotlight and tend to be the life of a party. These beautiful laminate designs, inspired by wood and marble, are for bold and beautiful people with equally bold and beautiful lifestyles.


    Crafted using Spanish design papers, the laminates from the Ravish and Lavish category are extremely premium. These exclusive laminate designs are trendy and aesthetic and are bound to reflect a luxurious lifestyle. The Ravish and Lavish category consists of multiple lavish, beautiful designs that are nature-inspired as well as geometric-patterned.


    If you are a fine arts connoisseur, an aesthete who loves sculptures and marble structures, then the Crust and Rust category of laminates is for you. These laminates exude immense art and luxury through their beautiful marbled designs. With muted tones and natural textures, these laminates induce a calming effect.


    Twist and Turns has wonders to offer to those who love to keep evolving. These dynamic designs are suitable for pioneers and trendsetters. Twist and Turns is a category of contemporary laminate designs that add exquisite modernity to your life.


    The Mint and Mist category is for those eccentric individuals who are at home amid chaos. These designs are a fusion of quirky and modern elements. Our Surface Matters laminate designs will lend your interiors a contemporary feel.


    Targeted at people who love the old worldly charm, Vintage and Veteran is a category of laminates depicting wood patterned mica designs giving you the exceptional vintage vibes amidst the changing times.


    Parallel and Planes explores the geometrical patterns of mother nature. The laminate designs in this category are modern and soothing to those who love simplistic geometric patterns. Dorby Mica gives you a chance to choose from multiple options and add natural beauty to your lives.The horizontal symmetry of Parallel and Planes make these laminate designs even more captivating.


    Floral and Coral is for the outgoing people, those who can’t help but shine. They value elegance and originality. This vivid and beautiful collection has a variety of designs and patterns that will flatter your furniture and give it the perfect finishing that it truly deserves. Floral and Coral is a true representation of the elegant and soothing flora onto your furniture. These designs bloom your spaces with vibrance and bliss with their perfect articulation.


    The Fab and Thread category is a category of modern laminates that reflect minimalistic luxury. The designs and patterns are modern and simple with the collection offering a variety of colours.


    Moods and Woods laminates are for people who are in awe of the natural beauty of wood. If wood patterns and indentations left on wood due to the growth of trees over the years mesmerise you then we have the best in store appealing to your taste. Check out the nature inspired laminate designs of this enticing category by clicking here.


    One for all you artsy folks, the Suede Solids category of laminates is sure to add calm to your lives. As artists and creative thinkers are their best productive selves in chaotic scenarios and tend to loosen up in calm surroundings, these laminates would be perfect for such lifestyles.

    You imagine the design and we will get it implemented for you.Dorby Mica’s latest Surface Matters 03, a group of 14 enigmatic architect approved design categories is now yours to explore. We take pride in serving you a better lifestyle, a better personality, a better space.


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