How to choose decorative laminates for your corporate space?

    How to choose decorative laminates for your corporate space?

    A corporate space is often a very tricky place to design. Corporate office design is all about getting the right colours and textures of decorative laminates in the right amount while keeping in mind the space utilization, which is always prioritized while designing interiors in a corporate office space.

    Decorative laminates have a wide variety of designs, textures, and patterns, replicating anything from solid colours, wood patterns, stone finish to marble-designed laminates that are commonly used in corporate spaces without breaking the bank.

    In recent times we have also seen a spurt in Co- working spaces and the use of specific colours in these workplaces has been shown to enhance productivity for all working individuals. Hence many architects prefer using decorative laminates in the interiors of co-working spaces to incorporate solid-coloured and peppy designs that bring about a lively atmosphere, motivating employees and also boosting productivity.

    This blog talks about the three most important things you need to take into consideration when it comes to decorative laminates for corporate spaces or co-working spaces and why Laminates are the perfect option as the various, laminate designs have the ability to add a pop of colour and exquisite style to bare walls or furniture making a style statement and ending the monotony of common workspace design.


    Most corporate spaces have a lot to do with branding and brand colours. Considering that brand colours reflect the brand identity, it is crucial for any designer to choose solid colour laminates perfectly. If not chosen perfectly, the wrong colours would end up hurting or misrepresenting the brand and the company. To avoid this, one might seek out a catalogue such as Vibron by Dorby Mica which offers a wide range of solid colour laminates or Dorby Mica’s Surface Matter Catalogue that is specialized to give a natural feel of nature through its different textures and patterns of laminate designs enhancing the remarkability of your corporate spaces.


    As people do, brands too have an image and a personality. Brands can be fun and quirky or have a serious and stylish personality, making a statement each in their own unique way. It is the job of the designer to identify the personality of the brand and embody it in their design through the plethora of decorative laminates. When it comes to laminates, the texture, feel as well as patterns on laminates can create a sense of seriousness as well as create a sense of playfulness when used in the right way. The best way to go about this is to first seek out catalogues that offer a lot of texture and pattern options or offer digital laminates and create a library for your design that can either be vibrant and playful or serious and stern.


    A corporate space should be designed in a way that speaks about your company’s ethos and principles. It demands minimalism with a sense of personalization. Apart from our solid colour laminates of Vibron Catalogue and wooden textures of Vesta catalogue combined with suede and matte finishing, Dorby Mica takes pride in assisting you with solid resemblance and customization. We understand that every space has a different set of needs in its set up. Our Canvas Collection compiles a vast array of decorative laminates that one could easily get customised.These aesthetically pleasing,relaxing and nature inspired decorative laminates will make your indecisiveness perish giving you absolute clarity of what makes your corporate space appealing.

    Bonus Consideration: While choosing the best laminates for your corporate space, make sure that you consider light. The way light reflects on a plethora of laminates of various colours is different. Look out for the effect you desire in terms of illumination and select the right option for your cause. The effect of light varies depending on the laminate choice. Consider all your lighting options and choose your laminates accordingly. Also, if you are wondering where you can find the perfect laminate, you are in luck. Dorby Mica with its plethora of products has got you covered.

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