Why Interior Designers and industry designers prefer custom laminates

    Why Interior Designers and industry designers prefer custom laminates

    As said, the designer is the medium of an idea on its journey to become reality. If this is true, the interior designers of our day and age can also be considered as vessels for the realisation of ideas. It is of utmost importance to understand that often what is perceived as the ‘preference’ of the designer is instead actually the necessity of the designer to realise their ideas to their truest potential. While the topic of design and the preference of designers as a whole is too vast and too deep for one article, let’s streamline our focus and take a look at one of the most important aspects of design; the surface and enumerate the reasons as to why in the realms of surface design, Interior designers and decorators prefer to especially use customised laminates.


    Veteran designers and amateurs agree on the singular fact that the principles of visual design such as balance, harmony, and symmetry play a crucial part in creating the perfect visual experience for a human field of view. Many times this perfect play of principles becomes very difficult in terms of surface design, owing to the fact that standardised options in laminates provide a very narrow scope of expression. May it be patterned geometry or solid colours, interior designers and industry designers would always find more freedom and more control if they use custom designs. When it comes to surface design, the thumb rule is what you see is what you get and it becomes very important for the designers to be extremely sure of what they want to show. Custom laminates such as the ones provided by innovation driven companies like Dorby Mica provide the designer and the decorator the ability to execute their vision perfectly in order to create the most powerful impact.


    Design in itself cannot be standardised. It is the extract of various variables and functions. This being true, the pursuit of uniqueness of a user or a designer in terms of design is highly justified. Standard elements of design bring about repetitive outcomes thus stripping a design of its inherent uniqueness.One such highly standardised element of design is the laminate. The recent lack of uniqueness in elements of design such as laminates have been bringing down the uniqueness quotient of both the designer and designs.This is an important reason as to why forward thinking companies such as Dorby Mica dwell in the concepts of customised laminates. With options provided by Dorby Mica, designers and decorators can speak volumes in terms of colour, texture and composition using customised laminates.


    It is important to note that in terms of laminates, the application of the element goes beyond their visual properties. A designer knows that laminates offer more than just visual aesthetics and thus also prefer using laminates for their physical properties such as water resistance, heat resistance and light resistance. The application of physical property centric laminates often causes the visual balance of a certain space to suffer. This happens mostly due to the fact that in the persistence of certain physical properties, manufacturers often turn a blind eye to high quality aesthetics to match. Fortunately, Dorby Mica offers customization to the point where a designer can be assured optimum standards of the physical properties required along with superior visual qualities as well. This in turn brings the best of both worlds into one neatly wrapped up package.


    Why would a painter paint with half a palette or have a set of brushes. Why would a musician play a song on an instrument that produces only half the musical notes? Design is an art and an artist needs complete freedom. Why would then, a designer design surfaces with laminates that they cannot be customised? Food for thought.

    Apart from the above reasons, there are more reasons why you should choose Dorby Mica for all your laminate needs. To know more about all our offerings check out the vast range of products in our portfolios.

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