Solid colours are back in Trend

    Solid colours are back in Trend

    (Solid colours are back in trend in the form of plain colour backgrounds and single coloured backgrounds and here's why)

    History suggests that every significant period of time comes with its own stories, its own struggles and its own legacy. History also reveals that every era carries its own sense of style that represents the philosophy of the era and showcases the journey of the world and the people who were a part of it.

    Needless to say, we too live in an era of importance where the might of the will of man has yet again proved its mettle. We live in an era of on the nose heroism and relentless positivity. The peak of the essence of this era is the year 2022.

    As the era of royalty culminated in the complex patterns of art deco, the era of transformation culminated in the sophisticated style of the Bauhaus school, the era of freedom culminated in trendy Bohemian design and the era of technology culminated in minimalist design, the era of positivity has now transformed into a design style that is defined by the positivity of Colour. Solid colour to be precise.

    2022 brings the laminate design style that celebrates the vibrant spirit of human nature through unfettered solid colour. 2022 is all about expression of human nature through the use of colour. May it be the vivid naturals, the eye pleasing pastels or the tonal deviations of these colours in 2022 stand at the forefront of design.

    Vibron : The Dorby Mica Collection of Solid Colour Laminates

    Colours speak volumes about artistic possibilities and thus become an integral part of the design process. A design style based on colour is thus a natural result of changing times.

    This design philosophy has now inspired Dorby Mica to lead the movement by launching their latest catalogue 'Vibron by Dorby Mica'. While the market remains largely unimaginative with options aimed at the Expressionist designers and design enthusiasts of 2022 , Dorby Mica has picked up on the winds of change and introduced a plethora of unique solid colour laminates that would help establish a new language of expression through design and solid colour backgrounds.

    A vast range of options in solid colour backgrounds, plain colour backgrounds and single colour backgrounds for use on any surface and for any style of design, 'Vibron' is created for the perfect interiors for homes, offices, restaurants, showrooms and hotels alike.

    How are solid colour laminates different from other laminates?

    Dorby Mica has always believed in helping create spaces that reflect the personality of its user and the new 'Vibron' catalogue takes this philosophy to the next level.

    With a vast and unique selection of shades and tones, the 'Vibron by Dorby Mica' collection is aimed at achieving zero compromise in colour.

    As is often the case in the process of interior design, somewhere along the line both the designer and the user have to settle for a second or a third option to their preferred colour palette only on account of lack of availability of the perfect shade or tone. This in turn, results in a botched execution of an otherwise brilliant concept.

    Dorby Mica has solved this dilemma with 'Vibron' opening up the avenues of imagination as well as fruitful execution without the hassle of having to choose between only a handful of existing options. This act itself has aided interior design as a whole to explore the unexplored realms of colour theory and bring new designs to life through a range of solid colour backgrounds, plain colour backgrounds and single colour backgrounds.

    How do laminate colours help you uplift your interior designs ?

    Speaking of colour theory, it is a well-known fact that colours influence the psychology of humans in ways unimaginable. This is evidenced by the fact that a subject such as colour theory exists, which taps into the sheer power and influence of colours.

    Used in the right way, colour theory is not just a guideline for aesthetics but a very strong tool of functional design that impacts the user in multiple ways.

    'Vibron collection by Dorby Mica' aims to make the tool of a vast solid colour palette applicable in the world of surface design.

    If the bleak recent past has anything to suggest, it would be that humanity as a whole needs the influence and the positivity of colours now more than ever and if you agree with the fact that we do in reality need a bit of colour in our lives,

    The Vibron collection by Dorby Mica has certainly got our backs.

    So through styles like minimalism, colour pop, expressionism as well as modernism the designer now has the freedom to speak through not just geometry, not just proportion, balance or harmony but also through colour in terms of solid colour backgrounds, plain colour backgrounds and single colour backgrounds and thus usher in not just an array of unique and fresh palettes but also a new and unique design language and through that, a new future.

    All thanks to the genius of the simplicity of the idea of the creators at Dorby Mica in introducing an extensive palette of simple, unadulterated colour!

    (The collection and what it consists of)

    For more information on the highly durable, sustainable as well as superior quality 'Vibron collection by Dorby Mica'.

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