Design Name: Graffiti Chess Sculpture set

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    Product Description:

    Classic Chess Pieces with quirky bright graffiti design. Introducing our Classic Chess Pieces Desk Sculpture, a captivating fusion of traditional elegance and quirky modernity. Each piece boasts vibrant graffiti designs, adding an artistic touch to your workspace. Embrace the artful play of chess with this unique sculpture, a delightful and functional addition to elevate your desk's style and charm.

    Size :
    King : Dia 3.5 x Height 8.7 Inch
    Queen : Dia 3.2 x Height 7.7 Inch
    Knight : Dia 3.1 x Height 6.2 Inch
    Bishop : Dia 3.1 x Height 6.7 Inch
    Rook : Dia 3.1 x Height 5.5 Inch
    Pawn : Dia 3 x Height 5.3 Inch

    Color: Red


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