Design Name: Lord Buddha Idol

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    Product Description:

    Crafted in Polyresin, the Lord Buddha Idol is a seated lord buddha’s sculpture in a blessings pose. Light grey in colour the sculpture is highlighted by silver plating. The idol is seated on a grey base with silver lotus detailing. Buddha Statues are a symbol of his teachings, fortune, inner peace and motivational factor for every human being. The pose depicts Buddha bestowing blessings with his upper hand gesture of the right hand palm facing out. This hand gesture is also used to dispel fear and is commonly viewed as a gesture of a shield. This is known as the mudra, Abhayamudra or gesture of fearlessness. The pose is meant to give a feeling of reassurance and divine protection. The other hand rests in the Buddha's lap, open and facing upward as a gesture of compassion. Some depictions feature the other hand extended out in a gesture of comfort.

    Size : Length 3.5 x Depth 2.3 x Height 5.3 Inch
    Color: Grey


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